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 میرے گاؤں کی محتصر سی تاریخ  

SANDWA village is located in North East of SWABI at the distance of 34 Kilometers in the bottom of green GHUND hills on the base of KOPAR top. GHUND hill is the Second highest after MAHABAN Mountains, and KOPAR TOP is the refreshment place for SANDWA tired Peoples; every evening maximum residents of this village go to energize their self by frosty breeze. On the other side a beautiful restoration mark is as SHIDANO KANDAO TAKIL road. ZARNOSH KHAN RAK (hill) is the top green location which is main resource of oxygen for this village and base of fresh environment of the reign; in fact SANDWA village is situated in greenery of nature beauty. SANDWA village spread to SOKILI village in the North, South to KABGANI, East to TALAI and West to TAKIL village.  SANDWA village contain several of small villages (BANDA JAT) as NARE TANGE, BANGO SAR, SARLA, KHWAR, AMANI PATI, JABAI, GESHO, QABLE BAYEN, DEERO, DAKARA, and ERO BORO.
SANDWA village is the generation of MANSOOR clan of GADOON tribe later MANSOOR tribe distributed is many clans as his son’s names. one them was  MASID KHAN (MASEZAI) who was Settled in BESAK village .OMAR KHAN was his loyal son, when MASID KHAN distributed his property, he allotted to OMAR KHAN the area from SANDWA village up to UTLA including  MAHABAN Hills, OMAR KHAN based in SANDWA till end of life ,OMAR KHAN was the father of Six heroic sons named GOHAR KHAN, ESSA KHAN,KARAM KHAN, QAMAR KHAN, YAQOOB KHAN and the 6th son who was YAR KHAN several views concerning  YAR KHAN  that he was not his creative son but OMAR KHAN loved him as he loved his other sons and allotted him property equal as to other son. It means that OMAR KHAN was the father of Six Sons; therefore his Belongings were distributed in six parts. GOHAR KHAN became the leader of SANDWA and all possessions of SANDWA village and surrounding areas declared his assets. ESSA KHAN Family transferred to SOKILI, DAGI SHINGRIAI, NARO BANDA and AMRAI BALA and known as ESSA KHEL. KARAM KHAN Family referred to Village TALI and known as KARAM KHEL. QAMAR KHAN advanced to SOKILI village and their sons are known as QAMBAR KHEL. YAQOOQ KHAN Generation is famous as YAQOOB KHEL. They settled in SHINGRIAI, DAGAI, NAROBANDA, GANI CHATRA villages. YAR KHAN transferred to TALAI village and he used up his life in TALAI. His sons are known as YARA KHEL.
1. AMAN KHAN: AMAN KHAN was the leader son of GOHAR KHAN, a huge population of GOHAR KHAN Family is known as AMAN KHEL. A large number of this family settled in SANDWA village and some widen from SANDWA settlement to DAGAI, AMRAI BALA, AMRAI PAYAN TALAI and UTLA villages. AMAN KHAN Generation was a commanding family and was the best rulers of GADOON tribe. AMAN KHAN (AMAN KHEL) dispersed in several clans as AMAN KHEL, SAR AMAN KHEL, MIANZ AMAN KHEL, SORI AMAN KHEL, BORA KHEL, and a KHEL of NAKHTARO GODAR UTLA.
2. SHAHBAZ KHAN: SHEHBAZ KHAN was the next son of GOHAR KHAN Majority of this generation established in SANDWA village, few of them went to UTLA and some choose MARDAN and other down areas of SWABI region for residency. The creation of this family is famous as SHAHBAZ KHEL.
3. KHALIL KHAN: KHALIL KHAN was the third son of GOHAR KHAN, most of this family lived in SANDWA village, few families settled in PANAWAL village, some of them choose site of flat surface and went to different places. KHALIL KHAN Sons are activated as KHALIL KHEL.
4. JAN MUHAMMAD KHAN: JAN MUHAMMAD KHAN was the fourth son of GOHAR KHAN, lived in SANDWA village,few families of this tribe settled in PANAWAL village and his sons are known as JAN MUHAMMAD KHEL.
5. BABA: BABA was the fifth Son of GOHAR KHAN, actually his complete name was not BABA but in PHUKHTOON culture BABA is respectable statement always utilize for older personalities. Therefore he was identified as BABA. The generation of BABA called BABA KHEL, a large number of this family settled in SANDWA, and some transferred to the down part of SWABI and surrounding areas. On partition of HIND-O-PAK a large number of this family were settled in INDIA BHOPAL so for ever they remained INDIAN.
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Mr Ghulam Mustafa Omarzai
Ghulam Mustafa Jadoon one of the silent builders of Gadoon Swabi, because he never advertised himself nor he was founder of fame, he was not a believer of publicity, but was practically a player of ground, he played 
He belong to a well-known family of Gadoon tribe named Amankhel, which is the silently a huge inning in history of education which got end in 2014.sub clan of Omarzai then Musazai and then Mansoor. He was born on 8 Jun 1954 in the home of a Honorable personality Malik Gul Khan in Utla Gadoon Village of Swabi. 
From beginning he was talented and strong. He had mission to do something for his tribe and Nation. So, he started his Education at the time when whole Gadoon area was deprived from a blessing of school system, that time the amateur personals were a single facility of Govt High School Topi which was 18 miles away from Utla., that time the residents of upper Gadoon were unknown from the facility of roads and convince, the distance of 18 km was impossible for daily feet March, Uncle Ghulam Mustafa did not lost the hope. He still continued his education and passed Matriculation from Govt High School topi, further he finalized Fsc & Bsc from Islamya college & University Peshawar. He got the Master Degree from University of Punjab. After completing the journey of Education. He was appointed at CT post in Govt High School Dalazak in 1977 . After this tenure he got posted to Govt high school Utla. Later in 1992 he qualified PCS and he looked after the head mastery in new upgraded High School Narobanda. 
In 2001 he was promoted to the upgrade and appointed the principal of GHSS Swabi. It was probably 2006 when he forwarded step in the field of social activity and bacame founder of Go on Gadoon officer organization with the help of his closed companions. In 2007 he got the designation of Deputy Director of education in Govt of KPK, during this service he went to Dobai, South Africa and UK on behalf of Department. In 2012 KPK Govt awarded him Govt servant award. Later in 2013 he appointed as the additional Director Education of KPK , being a additional Director he did a lot for the backward nursery of Gadoon, He was wisher to increase the teachers staff for this he provide a platform for Thirteen thousand teacher's upgrading and promotions , so he succeeded in this mission with the help of his department head. He provided teacher staff to all school where the post were vacant specially in Gadoon area . For prosperity of Gadoon he requested to Mr Sardar Babak who was Minster of Education at the time to upgrade the Girls Middle school in Gadoon,, so on his request the action completed as GGMS Gandaf, Kabgani and Utla Converted into High schools In 2014 he went to Saudia for Haj and this year he said good bye to education department as he got retirement , 38 year of period which was exemplary with his honesty, loyalty and hard work,, he never compromised on principles, but always admired and supported the merit. He is the example for all those who missuses the power to make property for dignity and power, his way of life was simple as he is now same he was in his service, he spend his life only to served the others as a perfect human... He is lover of learning,, therefore he supported all them who were interested ,, same he always encouraged his sons as results his son Shah Nawaz has finalized the MBBS from USA,, Adnan & Zeshan are Engineers, Israr is working with WWFB and his youngest son Jhangeer is studying Geology in 2nd year . He is the member of a lucky class where all his class fellows who were belong to Gadoon area they have reached to 18 Grade officers As, Haider Shah VC Islamia College & University, Miazaman Principal, Gul Chaman Principal, Hazrat Omar GM Turbela , Numan Shah Secretary, Muhammad Rehman Principal and Shams Khan Director P&D .
He has inner pain for his backward peoples which is the big cause of his restless, after retirement he did not closed his social activities account but still he is active as a social activist and in the region, for the help of poors and needy peoples he use to arrange medical campuses in the various villages of Gadoon on monthly and quarterly bases with the help of Go on Gadoon society as he did during his service. 
In real he is the real silent hero of Gadoon and we will always proudly remember him as a Golden man of Gadoon Swabi, 
Our prayers and best wishes will always for you. 
Long Live Uncle
Long Live
Best Regards
Mohammad Zahid Gadoon ( Sandwa Gadoon